ZombsRoyale.io Guides

ZombsRoyale.io is a hot shooter with 2D graphics and real meaning. You play the role of military soldier, who must perform anti-terrorist missions. You have to save the hostages and protect the redistributed objects - buildings or territories from any threats. Join a detachment of special forces and try to defend your city from the attack of terrorists invading homes.

There are missions in the game, which will not be easy to pass. To complete each, you need to complete the assigned tasks. In each mission you can watch the number of remaining enemies. The more terrorists you kill, the faster you will pass the task.

You are available a lot of weapons, as well as a store in which you can buy new types of weapons, bulletproof vests and ammunition for the next fight. Be prepared for the dark time of the day, where it will be very difficult to discern the enemy. Make your way inside houses and destroy all terrorists. Collect ammunition and first-aid kits to replenish your life. Play and try to keep your city intact, clearing it of terrorism once and for all! Be a good soldier worthy of his rank!