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Excellent game will provide you with competition with real competitors from different countries in the present tense. At first you do not have weapons, it's better not to run into strong players. Wander through the locations to find the desired weapons. Try to pass the enemy to a happy find, otherwise they will kill. You can change several types and control the number of cartridges.

In the game, you have to destroy enemies and collect useful objects left after them. A wonderful armor or first-aid kit may fall out. Throughout the gameplay, the hero will definitely have to be treated after the wounds. On the map, collect tablets and disinfectants. Found soda will give acceleration.

If you decide to play now, then you should be careful, there is a red box that you need to be aware of. Do not get distracted by the little things in the battles. If you are ready to fight for the championship and apply any methods for conducting tactics, start playing! Danger and battles are waiting for you, show courage in battles! Surpass the rest and become a hero!